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This site is presented as a non-commercial public service for the people of Limington Maine and those interested in what goes on in our Town.

This website is not funded or supported by the Government of the Town of Limington and although public information is presented here for your convenience, the website is not an official source of government data.  Please refer to official Government sources for such documentation and legal reference.  For example, the Town of Limington now maintains its own official website.

Many of the pages on this site have been scanned from paper copies of the documents and converted into text using optical character recognition (OCR) software.  Although care has been taken to ensure accuracy, some errors may be present.  The documents are converted to text so that they will load more quickly and be processed by search engines.  Whenever possible, the general layout of the document has been preserved, but to support the widest variety of viewer software and hardware, text wrapping and pagination may vary from the original.

The major goal of this site is to open up local government and bring public information to light.  To help accomplish this goal, www.Limington.org has videotaped many Town Meetings, Planning Board meetings, Appeals Board Meetings, and Selectmen Meetings and aired them on local cable.  Please check the cable listing for current offerings.  In general, Limington issues are aired on Wednesdays.  Copies of the videotapes of some meetings are also placed in the Davis Memorial Library.

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The information at www.Limington.org is obtained from public sources.  www.Limington.org is not responsible for the contents of the linked sites.  If you notice inappropriate links or incorrect information, please send email to Admin@Limington.org.

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