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Maine State Housing Authority

March 15,2000

Marilyn Webb
Clerk Town of Limington
Box 240
Limington, ME 04049

Dear Ms. Webb

      I am writing to inform you that the Maine State Housing Authority has received a request for assistance to a property in Limington through the Low Income Housing Tax Credit program.  The Low Income Housing Tax Credit is a federally created incentive to assist developers of affordable housing.  The Maine State Housing Authority allocates this limited resource to properties in Maine which best address the state's housing needs and priorities.  In return, rental units must remain rent restricted and occupied by income eligible households for a minimum of 15 years, and usually longer.

      A partnership named Webster NO Assoc. LP (contact: Genie Nakell as General Partner 839-8276) proposes to purchase a parcel of land (a portion Lot 56, Map R10 recorded in Book 5686 page 174, York County Registry of Deeds) to develop and provide 20 apartments in Limington.

      This notice is also an invitation for the Town of Limington to comment on the proposed construction of these units, whether 'in support or opposition.  We also welcome comments on the general conditions of the local rental market, anticipated local economic changes, local landlord reaction, etc.  All comments become a part of the application, which will be competitively judged again t all other applications in early April.

      Please feel free to call if you have any questions about the Low Income Housing Tax Credit or the planned acquisition.  I will be happy to work with you to address them.

John Egan
John Egan
Manager of Development Programs

353 Water Street   Augusta, Maine 04330-4633   207-626-4600   800-452-4668
TTY 800-452-4603   Fax 207-626-4678   www.mainehousing.org

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Note: This letter is taken from the Webster Mill Place application at the Maine State Housing Authority

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