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Senate of Maine
February 17, 2000
Senator James D. Libby
3 State Howe Station
Augusta, ME 04333-0003
(207) 287-1505

Waterman Rd. (Buxton)
Box 497, RFD 3
Gorham, ME 04038
(207) 929-4294

Genie Nakell
York-Cumberland Housing
99 School Street
Gorham, Maine 04038

Dear Ms. Nakell:

Please include this letter within your application to Rural Development as an endorsement of the proposal to provide affordable living space in the Town of Limington, Maine.

I have represented the Town of Limington for the past four years in the Maine Senate.  In my estimation, a project such as the one that your agency is proposing has the potential to greatly improve the quality of life in this rural Maine community.  Limington is fast becoming a community of choice for residents that appreciate our rural country setting.

In addition, the recent economic phenomenon that has encouraged growth in job opportunities in southern Maine has landed right in the heart of the Limington area.  In the adjoining Town of Hollis, the Poland Spring Company, a subsidiary of Nestle, Incorporated, has begun a threephase construction project that will establish a water extraction, bottling and distribution plant.  This plant will progressively provide 150 jobs this year, with the probability of 500 or more jobs available upon the completion of the I million square foot complex.  Recruiting has already begun for these jobs, which require a wide spectrum of skilled and unskilled labor.  The rural housing proposal that you purport has the potential to piggyback on the individual opportunities that these manufacturing jobs will surely provide.

I join many other public officials in encouraging the type of affordable and elderly housing opportunities that your agency has so adeptly provided to us in the past.  The evaluating committee should know that support for these types of opportunities extends across political and social boundaries.  York-Cumberland Housing's masterful management of a Buxton elderly housing project is but one example of the agency's capable stewardship over worthy projects requiring public subsidy for their genesis.

I offer my full endorsement for the proposed project in Limington, Maine with no reservations.

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Note: This letter is taken from the Webster Mill Place application at the Maine State Housing Authority

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