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Herbert M. Ramdsell
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       March 23, 2000

Mr. John Egan
Manager of Development Programs
Maine State Housing Authority
353 Water Street
Augusta, ME 04330-4633

Re: Proposed Low Income Housing Project

Dear Mr. Egan:

      This is in response to your letter of March 15, 2000 regarding a proposed low income housing project in Limington and to advise you that the Board of Selectmen very much opposes such a project.

      Ms. Nakell contacted the Selectman concerning a low income housing project before filing the application documents to determine whether or not there was support for a project of this nature.  During those conversations, Ms. Nakell was informed that the Board had many concerns regarding such a project and that the Board would not be in favor of such a project.

      The Board's concerns relate to the financial impact that a 20-unit low income housing complex would have on our small town.  When Ms. Nakell inquired as to the size of Limington's annual general assistance budget, we became even more concerned with what effect this project would have on our taxpayers.

      There are absolutely no anticipated economic changes or improvements being planned for Limington's future.  Limington is a small, bedroom community, located 25 miles west of the metropolitan areas of Westbrook/Portland and 25 miles north of the Biddeford/Saco area, with the majority of our citizens travelling to and working in these cities.

      Limington has no manufacturing industry, other than one extremely small metal shop.  There are not any new industries of

Mr. John Egan
March 23, 2000
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any type presently being proposed for locating in Limington.  Nor are there any service oriented entities planning to move to Limington.  Therefore, Limington does not have any employment opportunities to offer to anyone.

      There is only one small independently owned grocery store in Town and one convenience/gas station.  There are no clothing or other retail stores or outlets in Limington.  Limington's citizens must travel to the Windham, Portland or Saco areas in order to meet their shopping needs and requirements, as well as to find employment.

      As a result of the very rural nature of Limington, when one thinks about a 20-unit apartment complex, the tenants of which will most likely be comprised of young to middle aged families, Limington has virtually nothing to offer in the way of services, employment opportunities, health care facilities, or public transportation.  The lack of such services must be taken into account when considering a project of this nature.

      The Board is also concerned with the impact on our school system.  It is unclear how many children would be expected to be housed in each apartment.  Without knowing the size of these apartments, it is difficult to even project the possible number of additional students that would be entering our school system from this complex.  If there were, for example, 3 children per unit, certain changes would be required to accommodate those 60 extra school children.  Limington's schools are already crowded and a student population increase of this magnitude would create a burden on our taxpayers.

      Because of the above factors, the Board is very concerned as to what impact a low income housing project would have on our small community, as well as the needs of the people who would be living in the complex.  As noted above, the Town simply would not be able to meet the majority of their needs.

      For all the foregoing reasons, the Board of Selectmen strongly opposes the construction of a low income housing project in the Town of Limington, and the Board simply is not in a position to lend its support to such a project.

Kathleen Maddocks
Kathleen A. Maddocks

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Note: This letter is taken from the Webster Mill Place application at the Maine State Housing Authority

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