March 2, 2001 Election Returns
Limington Maine
Annual Town Meeting

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Selectman, Assessor
& Overseer of Poor

Planning Board (vote for 3)  Votes  

Road Commissioner  Votes  

Town Clerk  Votes  

Treasurer  Votes  

Tax Collector  Votes  

Library Trustee  Votes  
DAVIS, GRACE478Elected

MSAD 6 Director  Votes  

There were a total of 524 ballots cast.

Question 1: Dimensional Requirements215293Failed
Question 2: Access Roads250255Failed
Question 3: Commercial Signs303205  Passed  
Question 4: Wireless Telecommunications Facilities317188Passed
Question 5: Miscellaneous - RVs247255Failed
Question 6: Definitions269229Passed

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March 3, 2001 Limington Annual Town Meeting

Annaul Town Report Please see the Town Report for the complete text of the warrant articles.
Please see the Town Clerk for the official minutes of the meeting.

Article 1Moderator Charlie Huntress.
Article 2Salaries for town officials ($57,800)Passed as read.
Article 3CEO Salary ($28,000)Passed as read.
[Benefits include medical and vacation]
Article 4Payroll Taxes ($5,000)Passed as read.
Article 5Temporary LoansPassed as read.
Article 6Interest on Bank Loans ($3,500)Passed as read.
Article 7Old Town Hall ($7,500)Passed as read.
Article 8New Town Hall ($8,500)Passed as read.
Article 9Postage ($5,000)Passed as read.
Article 10Office Supplies ($3,000)Passed as read.
Article 11Computer Support ($7,600)Passed as read.
Article 12Insurance ($30,000)Passed as read.
[$10,000 increase over last year is for the addition of rescue personnel]
Article 13Audit Town Books ($4,200)Passed as read.
Article 14Town Reports / Ballots ($3,500)Passed as read.
Article 15Town Maps ($4,000)Passed as read.
Article 16Ballot Clerks ($5,500)Passed as read.
Article 17Legal Misc ($10,000)Passed as read.
[Legal miscellaneous income comes from tax liens and interest on late taxes]
Article 18General Misc ($4,000)Passed as read.
Article 19Town Lighting ($15,300)Passed as read.
Article 20Board of Appeals and Budget Committee ($2,000)Passed with amendment that requires boards to be responsible for videotaping all open meetings for broadcast on local cable. The view angle of the camera must include the board.
Article 21Planning Board ($5,500)Passed with amendment that requires board to be responsible for videotaping all open meetings for broadcast on local cable. The view angle of the camera must include the board.
Article 22General Assistance ($10,700)Passed as read.
Article 23EMS Department ($35,000)Passed as read.
Article 24Fire Dept Lifepack ($8,081)Passed as read.
Article 25EMS Protective Gear ($10,000)Passed as read.
Article 26Fire Dept Budget ($35,000)Passed as read.
Article 27Fire Engine 2 ($50,992)Passed as read.
Article 28Constable ($700)Passed as read.
Article 29Communications ($9,000)Passed as read.
Article 30General Highways ($35,000)Passed as read.
Article 31Bush Removal ($5,000)Passed as read.
Article 32Tarring and Patching ($100,000)Passed as read.
Article 33Salt Shed ($10,000)Passed as read.
Article 34Snow and Ice (use Excise Taxes - last year was $154,364)Passed to use money on snow and ice as recommended.
Article 35Street Signs ($2,500)Amendment to review 911 maps for accuracy failed.
Passed as read.
Article 36Door-to-door trash pickup ($45,000)Passed with amendment to raise $28,000 and carry $17,000 from legal miscellaneous.
Article 37RWS Baler Fees ($168,000)Passed with amendment to appropriate $115,000 from surplus rather raise this portion from taxes.
Article 38Transfer Station Operation ($35,900)Passed as read.
Article 39Transfer Station Construction ($15,000)Passed as read.
[Not including this appropriation, the town has saved $79,000 so far for this purpose.]
Article 40Library Budget ($33,500)Passed as read.
Article 41Library Renovation ($6,000)Tabled until after lunch.
Then Passed as read.
Article 42Parade ($4,000)Passed as read.
Article 43Youth League ($11,100)Passed as read.
Article 44Youth League Field ($5,600)Passed as read.
Lunch 12:30 to 1:00
Marilyn Webb honored with flowers for 18 years of service.
Article 45Snowmobile Club ($500)Passed as read.
Article 46Moy-Mo-Da-Yo Beach (use boat excise taxes)Passed with amendment to use this money for erosion control in the beach area.
Article 47Saco River Corridor ($300)Motion to table indefinitely failed.
Passed as read.
Article 48Animal Shelter ($2,110)Passed as read.
Article 49S.M.A.A.on Aging ($1,404)Passed as read.
Article 50Counseling Services ($1,600)Passed as read.
Article 51Visiting Nurses ($2,991)Passed as read.
Article 52York County Comm Action ($3,300)Passed as read.
Article 53Caring Unlimited ($459)Passed as read.
Article 54York County Child Abuse ($400)Passed as read.
Article 55York County Selter ($500)Passed as read.
Article 56Day One ($750)Amendment to limit to $500 failed.
Passed as read.
Article 57Charles A. Warren Post ($2,000)Passed with amendment added for improvement and maintenance of cemeteries bearing the graves of Veterans.
Article 58Girl Scouts ($1,600)Passed as read.
Article 59Cub Scouts ($1,025)Passed as read.
Article 60Academy Gym ($2,000)Passed as read.
Article 61Establish Old Town Hall Committee ($1,000)Taken up out of order (after article 7).
Amended to include one member from the Youth League. Also amended to require the selectmen to appoint a person to call the first meeting to order after which time the committee must organize itself.
Passed with amendments.
Article 62Accept Stonecrest Drive as a town roadMotion to take up out of order before article 4 dropped.
Motion to take up out of order after the library vote successful.
Passed with amendment to include the language that the CEO and Road Commissioner must review the road to ensure that it meets the subdivision requirements.
Article 63Adopt Emergency Management OrdinanceArticle tabled until after ordinance can be posted properly and reviewed by the townspeople.
Article 64Adopt policy of no pay advancesTaken up out of order (after article 3).
Passed with amendment to change mileage remuneration on a weekly basis rather than a monthly basis.
Adjourned at approximately 2:20 PM

Note: Dollar figures in parenthesis are total of proposed allocation and carry-overs.

A videotape of this meeting will be aired on cable and a circulating copy of the tape will be placed in the Davis Memorial Library.

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