March 2, 2007 Election Returns
Limington Maine
Annual Town Meeting

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Selectman, Assessor
& Overseer of Poor

Planning Board 1 year term (vote for 1)  Votes  
ALLEN, HOWARD S.443Elected

Planning Board 3 year term (vote for 3)  Votes  
BLACK, DEBRA M.327Elected
BRALEY, JAMES M.397Elected

Library Trustee - 5 year term  Votes  
Virginia Roberts - write in candidate7Elected

Road Commissioner - 3 year term  Votes  

M.S.A.D. 6 School Board Member 3 year term  Votes  
Joe Hanley - appointed for 1 year Appointed

Tax Collector - 3 year term  Votes  

Town Clerk - 3 year term  Votes  

Treasurer - 3 year term  Votes  

Old Town Hall Preservation Committee Member -3 year term (vote for 1)  Votes  
BOZENHARD, NANCY J.* (255) 261Elected
* (original count)   recount requested by Nancy Bozenhard

Old Town Hall Preservation Committee Member -2 year term (vote for 2)  Votes  
RISBARA, LUCY A.399Elected
Nancy Bozenhard - write in candidate9 
Virginia Roberts - write in candidate8Elected
Eric West - write in candidate8 

There were a total of 564 ballots cast of which 155 (27%) were absentee ballots.
There are 2336 registered voters in Limington (24% voter participation).

Academy Gym211349  Failed  

[Shall the Board of Selectmen be authorized and directed, for and behalf of the Town of Limington to purchase from the Limington Academy Trustess, two parcels of land (Tax Map U9, Lots 29 & 30) with a combined area of .82 acres, nore or less, and building, for a total purchase price of $121,000.00 to be paid over a period of three years with interest at a commercially reasonable rate?]

March 3, 2007 Limington Annual Town Meeting

Annual Town Report ending 12/31/2005 Please see the Town Report for the complete text of the warrant articles.
Please see the Town Clerk for the official minutes of the meeting.

Article 1Moderator Charlie Huntress
Article 2Election of Municipal OfficialsSee Results Above.
Article 3Purchase Academy GymFailed - See Referendum Results above.
Ballot voting took place 8AM-8PM on Friday. Meeting recessed until 9AM Saturday.
Article 4Raise $45,000 for first of three annual Academy Gym paymentsMoot - see Article 3
Article 25 taken up out of order at this time.
Article 5Salaries for town officials ($88,980)Passed as read.
Article 6Emergency Management Administrator salary & supplies ($1,050)Passed as read.
Article 7CEO Salary, Mileage, supplies, schooling, & insurance ($40,482)Amended to require that this article next year be part of the town officials compensation article. Passed as amended.
Article 8Temporary LoansPassed as read. (Not needed for the last 11 years. If it is needed, interest rate would be around 4%)
Article 9Schedule of tax payments: First half 7/31/2007, Second half 11/19/2007. Late charge of 12%Amended to change the interest rate to 10%. Passed as amended.
Article 10Payroll Taxes ($9,500)Passed as read.
Motion to allow (non-town resident) Fire Chief to speak at meeting.Passed by consent.
Article 11Municipal Complex Expenses ($20,000)Passed as read.
Article 12Old Town Hall Preservation Committee ($6,000)Amended that the amount shall be $5,600 on the condition that Limington Flags in Remembrance repay the town the amount of $400 for the ten American flags and poles purchased last summer and the town returns the flags to Limington Flags in Remembrance. The $400 amount will then be credited to the Old Town Hall Preservation Committee account. This transaction and return of the flags shall be completed no later than May 1, 2007. Passed as amended.
Article 13Limington EMS Department ($39,000)Passed as read.
Article 14Transfer $10,000 from Medical Reimbursement receivables to savings account for new Rescue Unit.Passed as read.
Article 15Fire Dept Budget ($36,000)Passed as read.
Article 16Forest Fire Protection Equipment 50/50 matching grant ($3,000)Passed as read.
Article 17Fire communications ($15,000)Passed as read. (Expected to be $13,000 next year.)
Article 18New Emergency Services Unit ($240,000 financed over 10 years)Article failed by secret ballot vote, 22 Yes, 41 No.
Article 19Postage ($5,500)Passed as read.
Articles 20 through 24 taken as a group by unanimous consent.
Article 20Office Supplies ($3,000)Passed as read.
Article 21Computer Support ($12,000)Passed as read.
Article 22Insurance ($57,000)Passed as read.
Article 23Audit Town Books ($4,000)Passed as read.
Article 24Town Reports / Ballots ($4,500)Passed as read.
Article 25Allocate $5,600 for certified appraiser for new and remodeled propertiesArticle taken out of order before article 5. Article failed to pass.
Articles 26 through 32 taken as a group by unanimous consent.
Article 26Town Maps ($3,700)Passed as read.
Article 27Ballot Clerks ($3,500)Passed as read.
Article 28Legal Misc ($20,000)Passed as read.
Article 29General Misc ($5,000)Passed as read.
Article 30Town Lighting ($17,000)Amended to require that the selectmen obtain a free energy audit from CMP for all town buildings. Passed as amended.
Article 31Board of Appeals and Budget Committee ($2,500)Passed as read.
Article 32Planning Board ($10,000)Passed as read.
Article 33Southern Maine Regional Planning ($872)Passed as read.
Article 34General Assistance ($8,000)Passed as read.
Article 35Accept Derrick Drive?Passed as read.
Article 36General Highways ($35,000)Passed as read.
Article 37Brush Removal ($5,000)Passed as read.
Article 38Tarring and Patching ($150,000)Amendment to reduce to same as last year ($100,000) failed. Passed as read.
Article 39Salt Shed ($10,000)Passed as read.
Lunch Break 12:00 Noon to 12:35 PM
Article 40How to use Excise Taxes?Proposed as $240,000 for Snow and Ice with balance to surplus. (2006 excise taxes were $550,893.) Amended to include $10,000 for rapid license renewal software and services. Passed as amended.
Article 41Street Signs ($750) plus Coordinator's Salary ($1,200)Passed as read.
Article 42Door-to-door trash pickup ($58,000)Passed as read.
Article 43EcoMaines' Baler Fees ($315,000)Noted that tipping fees are $88/ton plus assessment of $70/ton. Limington recycles only 4% as compared to Waterboro that recycles 14%. Starting May 1, all recyclables, including plastics 1-7, may be combined in a single silver bullet. Also, weights (and costs) go up after snow or rain storms due to uncovered trash bins. Passed as read.
Article 44Transfer Station Operation ($50,000)Passed as read.
Article 45Transfer Station Construction ($15,000)Passed as read.
Article 46Library Budget ($39,905)Amended to remove "Said funds contingent on a certified annual audit of all Davis Memorial Library funds and said audit to be on file with Selectmen." Passed as amended.
Article 47Parade ($5,750)Passed as read.
Articles 47 and 48 discussed together by unanimous consent.Proposed amendment (to both articles) to remove "Said funds contingent on a certified annual audit of all Limington Youth League funds and said audit to be on file with Selectmen." failed.
Article 48Youth League ($15,000)Amendment to reduce amount to $12,500 passed by a vote of 15 Yes to 9 No. Passed as amended.
Article 49Youth League Field ($7,700)Amended to reduce amount to $6,500. Passed as amended.
Article 50Snowmobile Club (all of registration fee refunded)Passed as read.
Article 51Use 2005 Boat Excise fees for Moy-Mo-Day-Yo?Passed as read.
Article 52Animal Shelter ($4,229.70)Passed as read.
Articles 53 through 61 taken as a group by unanimous consent.
Article 53S.M.A.A. on Aging ($2,000)Passed as read.
Article 54Visiting Nurses ($3,053)Passed as read.
Article 55York County Child Abuse ($500)Passed as read.
Article 56York County Comm Action ($3,400)Passed as read.
Article 57Caring Unlimited ($681)Passed as read.
Article 58York County Shelter ($500)Passed as read.
Article 59Charles A. Warren Post ($2,000)Passed as read.
Article 60Girl Scouts ($1,100)Passed as read.
Article 61Cub Scout Pack 315 ($460)Passed as read.
Article 62Academy Gym water($500)Passed as read.
Article 63Sell 1952 Brush TruckPassed as read.
Article 64What amount to transfer from Surplus to offset 2007 tax commitment?Passed with the amount specified as $400,000
Article 65Motion to adjournAdjourned at 2:45 PM

Note: Dollar figures in parenthesis are total of proposed allocation and carry-overs.

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