Limington Planning Board Minutes
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Agenda not available

These minutes were approved at the February 8, 2001 Planning Board meeting with no changes.



The Planning Board meeting was called to order by Wendy Walker, Chairperson, on Thursday, December 21, 2000 at 7:10 p.m. at the Limington Municipal Building.

Regular members present: Wendy Walker, Chairperson; Kreg Rose, Vice-Chairperson; Stanley Blake, Jr.; Raymond Coffin; Diane Hubbard.

Regular members absent: Chris Clark; Harold Jordan.

Alternate members present: Ron Perkins

Also attending: Priscilla Tucker, Secretary; Freeman Abbott, Code Enforcement Officer.

The Chairperson began the meeting with Old Business and a discussion of the application by Olivia Daicy to operate a junkyard at 151 Ossippee Trail in Limington.

Wendy Walker has spoken to the Town attorney and he has confirmed that because Ms. Daicy did not apply for the business permit following grandfathening by the Board of Appeals, the applicant lost the grandfather status. Wendy Walker said that the junkyard now requires a conditional use permit. She further stated that the junkyard would be located on an aquifer and the Zoning Ordinance specifically prohibits that. Therefore, the Planning Board is unable to grant a conditional use permit so the applicant will have to work with the Code Enforcement Officer to rectify the situation.

A Finding of Facts is to be prepared providing the above information and sent to Olivia Daicy.

The next order of business was the approval of the Minutes of the November 16, 2000 meeting of the Planning Board.

Wendy Walker noted the correction on page one, second paragraph, change the word was to who.

Stanley Blake, Jr. made the following motion:

MOTION: To approve the Minutes of the November 16, 2000 meeting of the Planning Board with the above correction.

Diane Hubbard seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.

Planning Board Minutes
December 21, 2000 Meeting
Page 2

The modifications to the Zoning Ordinance were the next item for discussion.

A discussion of the methods to provide the amendments to the public was held. The content of the modifications should be fully explained so the public will understand what they are voting on. At present all ads are placed in the Shopping Guide and the Portland Press Herald as well as being posted at the Municipal Building. The ads in the papers will have to explain each modification in detail.

The modifications were broken down and titled for easier viewing. The sections are titled:

"Land Use and Dimensional Requirements Table Amendments."
"Access to Lots."
"Free Standing Signs in Commercial Zone."
"Mineral Extraction Amendment."
"Wireless Telecommunications Facilities."

Each section was corrected and will be prepared for the Public Hearing on December 28, 2000 (copy attached).

After March the Board will begin to review loam extraction in the Zoning Ordinance and review the Shoreland Zoning Ordinance.

Raymond Coffin made the following motion:

MOTION: To adjourn the December 21, 2000 meeting of the Planning Board.

Diane Hubbard seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.

The meeting adjourned at 10:00 P.M.

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