Limington Board of Selectmen's Minutes
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OCTOBER 26, 2000

    Herbert Ramsdell, Kathy Maddocks and Barry Gammon were in attendance.

    Meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm.

    Dick Jarrett came in to check to see if the meeting was being videotaped as it was explained to him during last week's meeting. Dick also complained that the videotape was not received by Tony Vigue on Monday. Dick was reminded that the Selectmen had no control whatsoever over the U.S. Postal Service, and he was also informed that the videotape of last week's meeting had indeed been received by Mr. Vigue and, furthermore, the videotape was aired during the usual time slot. Dick also complained about the location of the Town's camera. Dick also delivered a letter to the Selectmen regarding two petitions.

    Sandy Lawnshy, Deb Stebbins, Sonny Lepage and Mike Carroll were in to discuss Fire/EMS Dept. and a First Responder course for the firefighters. There are currently 16 firefighters who are interested in taking the First Responder class. Mike Carroll will coordinate with SMES and Deb Stebbins for a January, 2001 session to be held in Limerick.

    At approximately 7:30 pm the public portion of the meeting was closed and the Board went into executive session. The executive session continued until 8:00 and the meeting was not reopened to the public.

    Weekly warrant was completed.

    The meeting was adjourned at approximately 8:00 p.m.

Kathleen Maddocks
Barry Gammon
Herbert Ramsdell

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