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Hiding behind the Town Lawyer
The selectmen continue to use taxpayer dollars against the townspeople.  The new mantra at town hall is "Take us to court".

October 23, 2000
Selectmen "Just Say No" to taping of public meetings
If the selectmen get their way, cable viewers may be forced to watch reruns of Gilligan's Island rather than the Limington public meetings.

And Then There Were Three
"Employee Parking Only" signs come down at the Municipal Complex.

Letter to the Editor
Low Income Housing In Limington - The saga continues.

Selectmen Refuse to Follow Zoning Ordinance
Selectmen will not allow the voters the opportunity to change the regulations on gravel pits and cell towers.  The selectmen are specifically ignoring the section of the Limington Zoning Ordinance that allows citizens the right to modify the regulations by petition.

September 23, 2000
Appeals Board Rules on Permit Fee
Permit Fees, Town Hall Officials Related, and Standing.

Protecting People, Business, and the Environment...
If our Town Officials Won't Do It, Who Will?

August 20, 2000
Bogus Maps Submitted by Dearborn Brothers Construction Mislead Planning Board

Promised Wildlife Study Turns Out Not to Exist

Planning Board uses excuse to approve road through Resource Conservation Zone

Printing Error by the DEP aids Developer
The case of the missing dots

Deer yard requirements ignored in Rogue Paintball Operation

Appeals Board Strikes Again
Chastised for acting outside their authority on one road slope application, the Appeals Board finds another way to circumvent the Town's road slope provisions on a second application.

Citizen Petition Submitted to Regulate Cell Towers in Limington

High Impact / Low Revenue Projects Coming to Limington

Are Ex Parte Communications Destroying the Credibility of the Planning Board?

August 3, 2000
Planning Board ignores zoning ordinance

Resident's concerns brushed aside on gravel pit

Paint Ball Industry Struggles to Overcome Rambo Image

Short Takes:
    Low Income Housing Application submitted to Planning Board
    Four more cell towers?
    Local Forum Closed

Letters to the Editor
Freedom of Speech

Little Useful Information Presented at Low-Income Housing Meeting
Question: When is an informational meeting not an informational meeting?
Answer:When the townspeople leave with more question than when they arrived.

July 26, 2000
Short Takes:
    Revamping Rescue
    Cell Tower Constructed
    Business Tax Collection in Full Gear
    Linking the .net to the .org

Letters to the Editor
To The Taxpayers of Limington who Were Not Consulted

Dearborn Brothers Construction Withdraws Offer to Pave Road
Out of Town Construction Firm now says that the Mill Turn Road is the Responsibility of the Limington Townspeople

July 19, 2000
Citizen Petition Submitted to Protect Residential Properties from Gravel Pits
Registrar of Voters validates 107 Citizen Signatures

Watch Out "Survivor", Limington has it's own "Reality TV"
Planning Board Meetings, Selectmen Meetings, and Limington Parade are all on cable

Flavor of Yesteryear captured by Limington Historical Society

Lawyers Agree on Road Slope
Appeals Board Had No Right To Give Variance

Town Establishes Official Website
Your tax dollars at work...

Residents have Second Thoughts on Gravel Pit
A gravel pit next to Boyd Pond is proposed by Dearborn Construction with an entrance on the Mill Turn Road

June 28, 2000
Heated Discussions at Gravel Pit Site Walk

Cell Tower Approved in Limington
This is the first cell tower to come before the Limington Planning Board.

The Secrets Behind the Politics, Planning Board, and Low Income Housing Project Coming to Limington...
Comment Period Kept Secret on Low-Income Housing Project.  Selectman worries about increased crime and residents worry about local impact.

June 8, 2000
SAD 6 School Board votes to Ban Cell Phones
Cellular Phones and pagers to be prohibited from school even if left turned off during the day.

May 16, 2000
Election Day is Tuesday June 13th
Primary Election for US Congress, Primary Election for Maine Legislature, Primary Election for Probate Positions, and Budget Approval for SAD 6 to be held.  Sample Ballots are also available.

Cable Company Releases List of Roads
Table of Limington Roads which will receive Cable are listed here.

Results of the May 4th Special Town Meeting
Voters to make Selectmen Sweat...
All Articles pass except for air conditioning.

May 4, 2000
Controversial Sign to Stay
Appeals Board rules that the Planning Board made a mistake by not considering the sign that was not shown on the application.

Crying Wolf
Analysis of the Articles at the May 4th Special Town Meeting

April 27, 2000
Shortfall Haunts New Municipal Complex
Selectmen propose to spend more money on the New Town Hall, sell the Rt. 25 Fire Barn to SAD 6, and revisit Water Quality Testing and Cable TV issues from the Annual Town Meeting.

Special Edition
April 19, 2000
Sign Controversy Update...
CEO says sign is not grandfathered and no permit can legally be issued.  However, he has issued no order to remove the sign either.

April 16, 2000
Secrecy at Town Hall
Is the Planning Board to become a secret tribunal where only the members are allowed to know the rules?
Editorial by Dick Jarrett

Results of the Personal Property Tax Poll

SAD 6 Continues to Wrestle with Bomb Threats
SAD 6 Holds Forum on Bomb Threats

March 30, 2000
SAD 6 to Escalate War on Bomb Threats
Editorial by the Limington Free Press

Is the Personal Property Tax Anti-Business?
Is the Personal Property Tax Hurting Business in Limington?
Article and POLL

Ink Is Still Drying in Limington
Sign Presents Ethical Dilemma for Planning Board Member

March 23, 2000
Better Late than Never
Town to purchase Video Equipment for Cable Access

March 17, 2000
Eighty Percent Cable Coverage by 8/31/2000
Eighty Percent of Non-cabled Roads in Limington to Receive Cable by the End of August

Selectmen say NO to Voters
Selectmen say NO to Clean Water

In an apparent attempt to thwart the will of the voters, the selectmen have enlisted the aid of the town attorney to prevent any of the money that was authorized by the voters at the annual town meeting to be used for water quality testing.

March 9, 2000
Planning Board Elects First Woman Chairperson
Wendy Walker elected to chair the Board
Board critizes Dick Jarrett for $600 budget amendment

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