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Limington Zoning Ordinance
Article XI
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11.1   Initiation.

A proposal for an amendment to this Ordinance may be initiated by:

A. The Planning Board, by majority vote of the Board;

B. The Municipal Officers, through a request to the Planning Board;

C. An individual, through a request to the Planning Board; or

D. A written petition of a number of voters equal to at least ten percent (10%) of the number of votes cast in Limington in the last gubernatorial election.

11.2   Procedure.

A. Any proposal for an amendment shall be made to the Planning Board in writing stating the specific changes requested. When a change in zoning boundaries is proposed, the application shall state the nature, extent, and location of the boundary change proposal, and shall be accompanied by a scale drawing showing the areas to be changed, with dimensions. When an amendment is proposed (a) by the Municipal Officers; (B) by the Planning Board, or (c) by petition, as set forth in Section 11.1 (D) above, then such proposal need not be accompanied by any fee. In all other cases, a fee shall accompany any amendment proposal to cover the costs of hearings and advertisements.

B. Within thirty (30) days of receiving an amendment proposal the Planning Board shall hold a public hearing on the proposed amendment, and unless the amendment has been submitted by the municipal officers or by a petition, the Board shall vote whether to forward the amendment to the Municipal Officers. The Board shall make a written recommendation regarding passage to the Municipal Officers and Legislative Body prior to any action on the amendment by the Municipal Officers.

C. The Municipal Officers shall hold a public hearing on the proposed amendment. Notice of the hearing shall be posted and advertised in a newspaper of general circulation in the municipality at least seven (7) days prior to the hearing. The notice shall contain the time, date, and place of hearing, and sufficient detail about the proposed changes as to give adequate notice of their content. If the proposed changes are extensive, a brief summary of the changes, together with an indication that a full text is available at the municipal clerk's office shall be adequate notice.

11.3   Adoption.

Any amendment to this ordinance shall be adopted by the legislative body by referendum ballot.

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