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Limington Zoning Ordinance
Article XII
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12.1   Conflict with Other Laws.

Whenever a provision of this ordinance conflicts with or is inconsistent with another provision of this ordinance or of any other ordinance, regulation or statute, the provision imposing the greater restriction upon the use of land, buildings or structures shall control.

12.2  Severability.

Should any section or part of a section or any provision of this ordinance be declared by the courts to be unconstitutional or invalid, such declaration shall not affect the validity of the ordinance as a whole or any part thereof other than the part so declared to be unconstitutional or invalid.

12.3  Repeal of Prior Ordinances.

All prior Land Use or Zoning Ordinances, with the exception of the Subdivision Ordinance adopted by the Town of Limington in 1973, as amended, are repealed.

12.4  Effective Date.

This ordinance shall take effect and be in force from the date of its adoption.

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