Limington Board of Selectmen's Minutes
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JUNE 8, 2000

    Herbert Ramsdell, Kathy Maddocks and Barry Gammon were in attendance.

    Meeting was called to order at 6:30 pm.

    This meeting was video taped by Dave Smith.

    GA Administrator had a client.

    Mr. Gains was in to report on an incident in which he was involved at Moy-Mo-Day-O. Mr. Maxfield, the site operator, will be contacted in order to hear his version of the events as they took place.

    Mr. Plummer was in to provide copies of deeds and surveys regarding his property.

    Discussion was had regarding an Eastman to Morse conveyance.

    Gail Gantick came in to discuss her work to date, at which point the camera was shut off as her discussion with the Selectmen was directed to them in their capacity as Assessors. The camera was turned back on when this meeting with Ms. Gantick was completed.

    Discussion with Dave Smith was had concerning a copy of a letter which had been sent to Ms. Nakell by Ralph Libby, prior chair of the Planning Board, concerning the construction of a low-income housing project. Dave was informed that the Selectmen had also been approached by Ms. Nakell concerning a low-income project and their opinion had been relayed to Ms. Nakel, as well as to Sen. Jim Libby. Furthermore, a letter regarding the low-income project was sent to Mr. Egan by the Selectmen's office voicing concerns. Dave was also told that Ms. Nakell had also informed the Selectmen that an elderly housing project application was being considered, to which the Selectmen responded in writing that they would be in favor. The pros and cons of a low-income housing project only were discussed at length.

    The weekly mail was reviewed.

    Weekly warrant was completed.

    No further business to come before the meeting, the meeting was adjourned at 8:15 pm.

Kathleen Maddocks
Barry Gammon
Herbert Ramsdell

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