Proposed Zoning Amendments
Limington Maine
Referendum on Friday March 3rd, 2000

   The text for these pages was taken from the minutes of the Limington Planning Board 12/16/99 Meeting.  The referendum election will be held at the New Town Hall on Friday March 3, 2000.  Polls will be open from 8 AM to 8 PM.
   Note that the ballots mistakenly refer to the "Town of Limington's Sign Ordinance" in question one.  The reference should actually have been to the "Zoning Ordinance, Town of Limington, Maine."

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Referendum Question 1

7.13 SIGNS


(a) For individual business establishments:
1. A maximum of one (1) double exposed face sign shall be permitted. Total sign area for double sided sign (2 exposed faces) shall not exceed fifty (50) square feet, single side sign (1 exposed face) shall not exceed twenty-five (25) square feet.

2. Maximum height for individual business signs shall not exceed twelve (12) feet.

(b) For multi-establishment businesses, such as shopping centers or office complexes:

1. a maximum of one (1) directory sign (2 exposed faces) with the total of two exposed faces not top exceed seventy-five (75) feet in size;

2. plus one (1) identification sign for each business within the complex not to exceed twenty-four (24) square feet in size shall be permitted on the directory sign.

3. The total sign area shall not exceed ninety (90) square feet for a single sided sign and one hundred eighty (180) square feet for a two sided sign in its aggregate.

4. Maximum height for multi-business signs shall not exceed twenty-five (25) feet.

(c) Setback from the center of the road will be a minimum of thirty-three (33) feet.

(d) A free-standing sign shall not impair a driver's normal sight distance.

(e) All signs shall be maintained in good condition and repair. If a sign is not properly maintained, as determined by the Code Enforcement Officer, the owner will be given thirty (30) days notice to have it repaired or removed.

(f) The primary purpose of the above referenced signs shall be for identification.

1. FREE-STANDING SIGN: Any nonmovable sign not affixed to a building.

2. TEMPORARY SIGN: Shall mean any sign erected, affixed or maintained on a premises for a short, fixed period of time including portable and/or mobile signs such as sandwich boards and signs on trailers. For purposes of measuring length of time a temporary sign is displayed, use of a sign for any length of time in a twenty-four (24) hour period shall constitute one (1) day.

3. SIGN: A display surface, fabric or device containing organized and related elements (letters, pictures, products, or sculptures) composed to form a single unit, designed to convey information visually and which is exposed to public view. In cases where matter is displayed in a random or unconnected manner without an organized relationship, each such component shall constitute a sign. Total sign area shall be the aggregate of all exposed faces and shall include temporary signs.

4. STRUCTURES: Anything constructed or erected, the use of which requires a fixed location on or in the ground, or an attachment to something having a fixed location on the ground, including buildings, commercial park rides and games, satellite receiving dishes, carports, decks, free-standing signs, and other building features, but not including sidewalks, fences, patios, driveways, and parking lots.

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Referendum Question 2

Add to Note B. of Section 6.3

In cases where the C.E.O. has the authority to issue a permit, the setbacks may be approved by the C.E.O. as long as the setbacks are at least equal to those in the rural district.

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Referendum Question 3

Add to Section 7.10.B

Any access roads serving more than three (3) dwelling units shall be at least 20' wide.

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Referendum Question 4


C.E.O. is allowed to issue a permit for a multi family dwelling in rural and residential village districts.

The above amendments are proposed for the 1997 Zoning Ordinance of the Town of Limington.  Official copies of this current Zoning Ordinance are available for purchase at the Town Office.

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