Limington Planning Board Minutes
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THURSDAY AUGUST 24, 2000 AT 7:00 P.M.





[Note: location off of the North Road]





These minutes were approved at the September 28, 2000 Planning Board meeting with no changes.



The meeting was called to order by Wendy Walker, Chairperson at 7:08 P.M. on Thursday, August 24, 2000 at the Limington Town Hall.

Regular members present: Wendy Walker, Chairperson; Kreg Rose, Vice-Chairperson; Stanley Blake, Jr.; Raymond Coffin; Diane Hubbard; Harold Jordan.

Regular members absent: Chris Clark.

Alternate member present: Ronald Perkins.

Also attending the meeting: Priscilla Tucker, Secretary; Freeman Abbott, C.E.O.

The meeting was videotaped by Richard Jarrett.

The first order of business was the approval of the Minutes of the August 10, 2000 meeting of the planning Board.

Kreg Rose made the following motion:

MOTION: To approve the Minutes of August 10, 2000 meeting of the Planning Board.

The motion was seconded by Diane Hubbard and carried unanimously.

The application for a minor sub-division by White Brothers was next discussed. Mike White briefly explained the project. The minor sub-division will consist of one lot. The house lot will be located on Route 117 on the same parcel of land as the gravel pit.

The Board reviewed the submissions to determine whether the application was complete. The following items mfist be provided to the Board:

The original deed to the property;
The water supply (well) must be on the map;
Soil erosion plan - Mr. White will present a request for waiver of this;
Indicate on the plan where the house and well will be located.

Mr. White will have the information available at the Public Hearing on September 9, 2000.

Planning Board Minutes
August 24, 2000 Meeting
Page 2

Stephen Emma's application for Firestorm Paintball course was the next item on the agenda.

Raymond Coffin, Planning Board member, read a letter from Peter Sawyer, an abutter, who could not attend the meeting. He expressed his concerns regarding the proposed venture. His primary concern were the fields 3 and 4 on the South and East property lines of the paintball course. They cross two seasonal streams that provide drainage from his property and the North Road and a large portion of the Burnham Property. He is concerned that disruption of free drainage flow from Sawyer property will make the northwest comer of said property into an unusable swamp.

He was concerned that the paintball course would be used during the month of November when hunting season is open. He felt that Saturday operations should be suspended for the month of November. There is a great deal of hunting in the area especially on weekends and he would not want anyone hurt.

Mr. Sawyer did, however, he has no objections to the proposed use as long as the rules and conditions imposed by the Planning Board are followed.

Stephen Emma said that it would be very inconvenient to close on Saturdays in November. He further stated that the streams would be located on his grandfather, Mr. Earle's property and not on the property to be used by the course.

A revised plot map is to be provided to the Board on Tuesday, August 29, 2000. The map will show the building(s) moved, entrance and exit roads and parking area. The buildings in condemnable state will be marked on the map and the brook will be shown.

Freeman Abbott asked for the record whether the Board knew Mr. Emma was going to move a building. Wendy Walker said they did know the buildings were being moved but not that they are being moved before the permit is issued.

The next order of business was the Public Hearing on the application of Webster Mills Place, a multi-family housing development.

Tom Greer, Engineer with Pinkham and Greer, represented the project. Genie Nakell and Herb Semple of York-Cumberland Housing were also present. Senator James Libby was in attendance.

Planning Board Minutes
August 24, 2000 Meeting
Page 3

Mr. Greer briefly described the project. He explained there is a 6,000 foot boundary from Route 25; the heating unit is in the community building; there is a play area; drainage plan is provided; there is an erosion control plan; dumpsters will be provided. The units will be colonial with clapboard siding and porches. A nitrate study has been done.

Lloyd Boston addressed the trees that are being removed on five (5) acres. The trees which are replacing the removed trees will be only five (5) feet so the drawings presented are not accurate. The drawings show full grown trees.

Donna Dulude asked how many permits would be required for the twenty units. Freeman Abbott stated that twenty permits will be necessary. Wendy Walker asked how many lots the project would be considered. Richard Jarrett said that according to the State each dwelling unit is a lot. The consensus of the Board was that twenty units would require twenty permits.

Willard Boothby stated he was concerned about the density of the twenty (20) units and the question of sewer problems.

Wendy Walker asked if it was an engineered septic system. Mr. Greer responded that it wasn't and didn't need to be.

Bill McKinnon felt that the project was not thought out because there will be twenty (20) families placed there with no jobs in the area, no services, no trade, impact the schools. He felt it would be a bad situation for Limington.

Mr. Greer explained that there would three (3) units with one bedroom, seven (7) units with two bedrooms and ten units with three bedrooms.

Wendy Walker stated that there would be an additional 27 to 50 children generated through the development.

Norma Noyes stated that at the present time there are 4,492 pupils in school at a cost per pupil of $4,798.87 per year. The operating cost for 98-99 was $21,556.554.86 and ranks 209th in the State. It costs the taxpayers $2,300.00 per student per year and this project will have a big impact on the taxpayers. This does not include special education students.

David Smith was offended that special education students were mentioned separately. He wondered if the C.E.O. was going to be told not to issue building permits to people with a special education student.

Planning Board Minutes
August 24, 2000 Meeting
Page 4

Willard Boothby said we must remember that State and Federal money being spent is from our pockets. The whole project must be viewed and assess it's impact on the Town.

Russell Berg was concerned about the density and leeching and felt that a sewer plan would be necessary on site. He is concerned about the water pollution. .

Senator Libby addressed the Board and citizens. He said that part of the reason that he supported the project was because he felt the Town supported it. He had received a letter from the Planning Board Chairperson, on Town stationery supporting the project. While the person is no longer Chairperson, Senator Libby felt that the letter did support the low housing development. Limington doesn't have low income housing which is part of the comprehensive plan. He will stay with his decision that he made unless there is a major issue with the project such as faulty buildings, etc.

Wendy Walker stated that the Planning Board members knew nothing of the letter mailed by the previous Chairperson and, therefore, were not a participant in the decision to approve the project.

Lynn O'Leary asked if people from Limington would be given preference for units in the housing development. There was no definite response given.

Willard Boothby asked Kathy Maddocks, Selectperson, to address their stand on the housing.

Kathy Maddocks said the Selectpersons are against this project and have been right along. They feel this would be a burden on the taxpayers. She said we do have adequate housing for the low income families. They are very concerned about the people who will be living there. Limington has no jobs, no medical services, nor shopping malls. To place people in the sticks of York County and ask them to get a job when gas is not cheap is unreasonable.

The Board feels that putting people in this situation is not beneficial. The needs of the people cannot be met. The burden will be felt by all. The taxes will not be any asset to the Town.

Martha Richards asked why the Town people have not met before now to discuss this project. She can see low income housing for seniors but does not agree with the concept of low income housing.

Planning Board Minutes
August 24, 2000 Meeting
Page 5

Lloyd Boston said that he understood that part of the funding process included a public meeting. He was told that it was not necessary to hold a public hearing. The letters of support were the major portion of the scoring of the project. Mr. Boston felt the project would have a severe impact on his property value.

Donna Dulude said there was a letter from John Egan, Manager of Development Programs, Maine State Housing Authority regarding the project. Kathy Maddocks said there was a letter and the Selectpersons responded. The Selectpersons made it very clear that they were opposed to the project.

Barry Gammons, Selectperson, asked the Board members if they agreed with the statements in the letter submitted by the former Planning Board Chairperson. The Board did not commit itself.

Senator Libby said he will not change his decision. He came here to the meeting to make sure that he would be aware any process problems and note them and act on them.

Wendy Walker asked if the Board rescinded the letter what would be the impact on the process. Senator Libby said that the project has already been approved with guaranteed funding. Diane Hubbard said she understood but what if the conditions surrounding the letter were not legal then what would be the course of action?

Senator Libby said he had to assume that the letter that was written by the Chairperson of the Planning Board on Town letterhead was from the Town. At this point he would not change his decision.

Wendy Walker suggested that John Egan be invited to attend the meeting of the Planning Board on September 14, 2000, to provide input on some of the questions raised.

Russell Berg recommended that the Board write a letter to John Egan stating the concerns of the citizens. Wendy Walker stated that the letter would express the concerns and why the Board is requesting his presence at the meeting.

Lloyd Boston asked if this project could be placed on a referendum. There was no answer.

Richard Jarrett said there are two issues here. The application and the letter from the Chairperson of the planning Board. It is very important to keep these two separate.

Planning Board Minutes
August 24, 2000 Meeting
Page 6

Robert Woodman, an abutter to the property, said he would like to complement York-Cumberland for the presentation they made. He felt it should be professional because they do it all of the time. He felt they make money on these projects. He further stated that Senator Libby would get credit for the project in his District. He said the people should visit some of the low income housing in Portland and other towns. The crime is up in these sites and it won't be a plus for anyone.

Senator Libby stated that he didn't want anyone to think he gets anything from this project. He said he will take the concerns into consideration. He is listening to the process and problems and will review them. He feels it is important to listen and to evaluate the project.

Dick Pollard was concerned because there is no sheriff locally. Senator Libby said there is a sheriff and State police officer to cover the area. He did agree availability of police protection is a problem.

Donna Dulude asked if Limington did have the highest crime rate in the County. The Selectpersons answered yes.

In answer to the question regarding income requirements for placement in low income housing, Genie Nakell said that it varies. Very low income = $17,150.; 2 persons = $19,600.; 3 persons = $22,050.; 4 persons = $24,500. The rates are established by Urban Development

Ronald Perkins, Planning Board alternate member, asked what determines the rent on the units. Genie Nakell said the rent is thirty percent (30%) of the applicants income. You must have money.

Kathy Maddocks asked if there was going to be on-site management. Sue Gay, York County, said there will be site management on a weekly basis. There will be a property manager, site manager, maintenance manager and services coordinator. There will be a criminal background check on applicants. The applicants are informed of the rules and that they must respect the other tenants.

Wendy Walker asked what would happen if a mother and her children moved in and then later allowed her boyfriend and his children to move in. Sue Gay said that this would be grounds for eviction. The boyfriend's name must be on the lease. Richard Jarrett said that the boyfriend could live there for thirty (30) days. Terry Hawkins asked what the difference is between live-in and boyfriend. Sue Gay said it didn't make a difference if

Planning Board Minutes
August 24, 2000 Meeting
Page 7

Terry Hawkins asked if the juvenile records were opened. Sue Gay said that you cannot open the juvenile records.

Stanley Blake, Jr., Planning Board member, asked about sex offenders being allowed in the development. Sue Gay said they would not be allowed to rent because they have a criminal record.

Wendy Walker said that the Board would like to look at other sites. They would like the age of the development and the site manager's name. This information will be provided to the Board.

Genie Nakell said that York-Cumberland is a non-profit entity and not in this for the money. She is responsible for increasing the supply of low income housing.

Wendy Walker said this project could have been family or elderly. Is it possible that this could be changed to an elderly housing project. Genie Nakell said that it could not be elderly housing because it was scored as family low income housing.

Barry Gammon asked if the Planning Board had the right to deny this application. The answer was yes if there was sufficient reason.

Michael Stinson asked if there were units for disabled? There are units that are dedicated for the disabled.

Richard Jarrett said that he had technical issues to discuss and would this hearing be continued.

Planning Board Minutes
August 24, 2000 Meeting
Page 8

Wendy Walker stated that the hearing would be continued to August 29, 2000. Richard Jarrett would be allowed one (1) hour from 8:00 P.M. to 9:00 P.M. to discuss his issues. Wendy Walker will contact John Egan with an invitation to attend the September 14, 2000 meeting of the Planning Board.

Stanley Blake, Jr. made the following motion:

MOTION: To adjourn the August 24, 2000 meeting of the Planning Board.

Kreg Rose seconded the motion and it carried unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned at 10: 15 P.M.

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